Student Wellbeing

At St Francis Xavier we encourage partnerships between school, family, parish and the wider community.We actively work to build a positive school environment where each child can feel included, safe, supported and valued. We believe that the development of our students’ spiritual, emotional, social and physical wellbeing is fundamental to their learning success.

Our whole school approach to Student Wellbeing includes:

Student Behaviour Support

  • Positive Behaviour Strategy (PBS) Whole School Framework
  • 2015-2018 PBS collaboration with Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM)

Child Safety Standards

Student Leadership / Student Voice

  • Year 6 Leadership Teams
  • Class Leaders
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Circle Time

Wellbeing Core Teams

  • Staff Team
  • Student Team

Social Emotional Learning

  • Buddies (Prep & Year 5/6) (Year 1/2 & Year 3/4)
  • SWELL Week
  • Social Skills Programs

Family Life Victoria

  • Human Development – Family Workshops

Values Education

  • Individual Acknowledgement System
  • Whole School Acknowledgement System


  • Whole School (fortnightly)
  • Year Level (fortnightly)

Berry Street Education Model (BSEM)

  • 2015-2017 collaboration with BSEM
  • All Staff have completed BSEM Professional Learning
  • Parent Information Evenings
  • Explicit Teaching of BSEM Strategies


  • Lunchtime Christian Meditation Group
  • Mindful Me Group Program
  • Morning Prayer Circles
  • Mindful Me Before School Group

Indigenous Immersion

  • Class Totem Poles
  • Fire Carrier Leaders

Cyber Safety

  • Student Workshops
  • Family Workshops

School Camps

  • Year 3/4
  • Year 5/6

Lunchtime activities

  • Discovery Centre
  • Dance Group
  • Gardening
  • Christian Meditation
  • Friendship Seats
  • Computer Club

Student Wellbeing Support Framework

  • Student Wellbeing Leader (Wellbeing Prevention Strategies for all Students)
  • School Counsellor (Wellbeing Prevention/Intervention for Students and Families who require therapeutic/pastoral support)
  • School Psychologist (Wellbeing Intervention for Individual Students who require specialised support). Mental Health Care Plan required

Social and Emotional Learning