Our School

Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to the St Francis Xavier Catholic School. I invite you to discover the many elements that combine to make our school a vibrant, contemporary learning community. You will gain an insight into what we do and how we work with our students to continually develop their knowledge, skills and understandings of our world.

The care, safety and wellbeing of our students are fundamental to St Francis Xavier School.

St Francis Xavier School is a welcoming and inclusive Catholic community founded on the traditions of the Mercy Sisters. As we come to learn to know Jesus, we continue to strive to live out his teachings, that of the charism and ethos of our founding orders, and patron saint Francis Xavier, all in the context of the world our students are living.

The school is enriched by a committed parent body, and pastorally guided and supported by our Parish Priest Fr Terry Kean. The students at St Francis Xavier have a strong sense of connectedness to their school, local and global world and there is a high level of engagement and achievement. We embrace a shared responsibility, based on Gospel values, for the wellbeing of each member of our community.

Our staff are enthusiastic, highly dedicated professionals, committed to the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of our students. The school is recognized as a place of quality teaching and learning, with a strong community spirit, providing an innovative and rigorous learning program. At St Francis Xavier school we believe that one needs to love and be loved in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. We embrace opportunities as life-long learners, hence our motto: “Live – Learn – Love”

St Francis Xavier School is set on just over 5 acres of land surrounded by a leafy natural environment, where students enjoy the comforts of excellent indoor and outdoor learning spaces, incorporating 21st century technologies.

The school offers a diverse and dynamic curriculum catering for all learning styles, interests and talents. We provide a full range of development opportunities including student leadership, extension, learning support, outdoor education including camps, sport and community projects. The Arts, (visual/performing arts) Information and Communication Technology( e-learning) and Language programs (Mandarin) are taught as specialist subjects and play a significant part in the life of our school.

We focus on developing students’ mind, body and spirit so they may become active, faith filled, responsible citizens contributing to their world in meaningful ways. We value and support partnerships with families, the Parish and wider community in the day to day education of the students, and believe that this should be founded on a spirit of mutual respect, co-operation, communication, trust and support.

Feel free to explore the website and/or contact the school for further information. I look forward to welcoming you to our school and discussing with you the exciting opportunities that await your child at St Francis Xavier.

Nicholas Boyhan
Acting Principal

School Overview

At St Francis Xavier our children are what drives our curriculum, therefore we spend a great deal of time planning and developing our teaching programs to meet the needs of each and every student to allow them to reach their full potential. Learning at St Francis Xavier is dynamic, rigorous, innovative and engaging.

Guided by the Victorian Curriculum and the Catholic Education Office, we create programs that encourage children to explore the world they live in and develop the skills and understandings that enable them to work successfully in that world. We value the importance of a connected learning environment; respectful of all learners, relevant to our contemporary world and in partnership with our wider community.

Vision Statement

St Francis Xavier School promotes equity and excellence, in a contemporary learning community. Inspired by the model of Jesus Christ, we become successful learners; confident and creative individuals; and active and informed global citizens.

School Mascots

At St Francis Xavier primary school, we have four school mascots Waddles the Penguin, Aussie the Wombat, Spike the Echidna and Splash the Turtle. These four school mascots also help to promote our Positive Behaviour Expectations to help make our school a beautiful community to be a part of. We want school to be fun for everyone and that’s why the theme that runs through our school is ‘Kindness is Cool @ our school’.

Our four school mascots represent our four school values; Respectful, Responsible, Resilient and Safe.

Waddles the Penguin is the mascot for being Respectful
We are Respectful
We value ourselves, others and our belongings.
Aussie the Wombat is the mascot for being Responsible
We are Responsible
We take ownership for our behaviour, our actions and our words.
Spike the Echidna is the mascot for being Resilient
We are Resilient
We accept challenging situations as learning opportunities, enabling us to move forward.
Splash the Turtle is the mascot for being Safe
We are Safe
Our choices, actions and words affect the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone.

Student Leadership

Our school captains for 2019 are Tom, Nick, Isabella and Lexie. These children represent the student body at most School Events and lead our whole school assemblies every fortnight.

We also congratulate our Year Six students that hold other leadership roles at St Francis Xavier primary school for 2019 and make an invaluable contribution to our school.

2019 Sports Captains

MacAuley House – Sam, Aidan, Jorja and Emily
Padua – Mia, Christian, Ava and Mia
Xavier – Caden, Jessica, Cameron and Olivia
Loyola – Henry, Sean, Fionn and Scarlett

Discovery Centre Captains
Angus, Tara, Xavier, Edith, Holly and Joel

Social Justice Captains
Ayesha, Maddy, Olivia, Matthew, Cooper and Adam

Digital Technology Captains
Henry, Rachel, Tommy, Mikayla, Ryan and Mackenzie

Arts Captains
Alyssa, Alexandra, Jack, Ella, Siena, Josh and Marissa

SRC Captains
Grace, Kane, Millie, London, Ella

PBS Captains
Abbey, Alex, Molly, Flynn and Ben

Outside School Hours Care

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