At St Francis Xavier our children are what drives our curriculum, therefore we spend a great deal of time planning and developing our teaching programs to meet the needs of each and every student to allow them to reach their full potential. Learning at St Francis Xavier is dynamic, rigorous, innovative and engaging.

Guided by the Victorian Curriculum and the Catholic Education Office, we create programs that encourage children to explore the world they live in and develop the skills and understandings that enable them to work successfully in that world. We value the importance of a connected learning environment; respectful of all learners, relevant to our contemporary world and in partnership with our wider community.

Classroom Technology

We are extremely proud that St Francis Xavier primary school is a ‘Smart School’, providing devices for every one of our students which enables us to create learning experiences for the digital generation and start their digital citizen learning journey right from Prep.

Our Prep – Year 2 students enjoy 1:1 iPads, and Year 3 – Year 6 1:1 Chromebooks in their classrooms. They are allocated a school owned device for the entire year, which helps to teach them a sense of ownership and responsibility. Whilst the children do not use these for the entire school day, their teacher will integrate them into their learning across all subjects where appropriate. Students in years 3 – 6 also have access to 5 iPads per classroom which can be shared between rooms to create a class set.


At St Francis Xavier primary school our dynamic literacy program develops children to have a lifelong love of reading and writing. We view literacy as a subject that is essential to all learning areas, so here at St Francis Xavier primary school we have a whole school literacy approach to ensure a consistency of teaching practice and learning progression from Prep through to Year 6.

Our daily 2-hour Literacy block is filled with fun and challenging lessons that encompass reading, writing, language and spelling. As our children all have their own digital devices (Prep – Year 2 ipads / Year 3 – Year 6 Chromebooks provided), we also include digital literacy resources which allows our children to start building the skills to becoming digital citizens which will assist them when they transition through to secondary school.


At St Francis Xavier primary school, the goal of our numeracy program is to instil a love of maths in our children in a stimulating and supportive learning environment with daily one hour learning blocks. Our whole school numeracy approach is developed around the Victorian Curriculum and the three key Maths centres; Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability.

We also partner with Australia’s #1 online maths tutor which children have access to at home. The child’s teacher personalise these lessons based on the ongoing assessment of your child’s maths level.

Physical Education

At St Francis Xavier primary school, we are extremely proud of our Physical Education program and the children particulate in 2 x one hour lessons each week with a dedicated sports teacher.

Our Physical Education program not only helps to teach the children the importance of an active lifestyle, but it also teaches the children lifelong skills about teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play which they will use in their everyday life on the playground and beyond.

Sporting Opportunities at SFX:

House Sports Carnival
All children when arriving at Prep are welcomed into one of our four House Sports Teams. We have an annual Athletics Carnival where all children Prep – Year 6 participate in which encourages school spirit and team work. Parents and families are invited to attend as spectators.

Interschool Sports Program
Our Year 6 students participate in weekly interschool team sports along with other primary schools in the District. Sports covered are Cricket, Softball, Bat Tennis, Rounders, Football, Soccer and Netball. It provides all students the pportunity to experience being part of a team and further develop their sporting skills.

District Sport
Students from Year 3 – 6 are invited to participate in District Carnivals throughout the year in sports such as swimming, diving, athletics and cross country. Successful competitors may continue through to Region and State finals.

Performing Arts

When the children step into our state of the art Performing Arts theatre here at St Francis Xavier primary school, they are transformed into an engaging, creative and encouraging environment where all students learn, perform and love the Performing Arts. Our curriculum covers dance, drama, music and singing and the children enjoy these one hour lessons every week.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) covers a wide range of knowledge and skills, which are increasing in demand and at St Francis Xavier primary school we believe a quality STEM education and the skills that it instills is vital for the future success in our children’s learning. STEM can provide students with the chance to develop their critical thinking, creativity, communication and self-direction. We have always had a strong technology focus here at St Francis Xavier and students participate in a weekly forty minute lesson per week.

Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is one of the student’s favourite places at St Francis Xavier primary school and our fabulous Library Manager Mrs Johnson definitely has something to do with it. She creates a world that celebrates the love of reading and has a diverse and fabulous collection of books that keeps the children constantly stimulated in their weekly one-hour lesson. The displays she creates also transform the children into a magical place of wonder and imagination.

All children from Prep – Year 6 are allowed to borrow books weekly to take home from the Discovery Centre which helps to foster the love of reading by allowing the children the independence of choosing their own books.

LOTE (Mandarin)

Mandarin is the LOTE offered at St Francis Xavier primary school. Through a variety of stories, singing, activities, art and written worksheets students engage in a dynamic Mandarin language program. The children not only learn the language but also learn about the cultural differences.

Student Leadership

Students at St Francis Xavier primary school are able to experience positions of leadership and responsibility from Prep through to Year 6.

Class Captains
Each term every class has two students to be their Class Captains. They are given various responsibilities such as taking the class tub to the office and running messages. They receive a Class Captain badge which is presented at a school assembly that they wear with a great deal of pride.

SRC (Student Representative Council)
The SRC Council is headed up by the Year 6 SRC Leaders, two SRC representatives from each class Prep – Year 5 and the school principal Mr Workman. Student led meetings are held regularly to discuss suggestions for improvements and initiatives to make St Francis Xavier a better place. The Year 6 SRC Leaders also give updates to the whole school at school assemblies. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn valuable leadership, teamwork and public speaking skills.

Year 6 Leadership
Year 6 students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by applying for one of the various leadership positions available. These include School Captains, House Captains, SRC Captains, Performing Arts Captains, ICT Leaders, Social Justice Leaders)

Student Enrichment

In addition to our core curriculum, St Francis Xavier primary school offers a varied student enrichment program that we believe stimulates, extends and excites our students – this includes:

  • Lunch Time Groups (Dance Club, Coding Club, Library Club Gardening Club)
  • School Camp (Year 3 & 4, Year 5 & 6)
  • Annual Arts Rotation (School Production, Art Show, Film Making)
  • Swimming Program
  • Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge
  • Annual Excursion
  • Lunch Time Groups (Dance Club, Coding Club, Library Club Gardening Club